Antipodean Coffee

HighEnd Aug 2014 MediumThis much talked about petite café is tucked inside the Hero Kemang complex, South Jakarta. Wooden furniture, unique tiles, little kitchen, and a big blackboard that covers the wall are pretty much the décor. It offers wide range of healthy breakfast and brunch menus, and as a sumptuous added bonus that turns out to be the successful key marketing, Antipodean also serves the best Indonesian coffees from Mandailing, Gayo to Lintong. A perfect place for coffee fans, Antipodean can also be found in Malaysia and Australia.

The roasting process matters. One must pay attention to the season, the precipitation, and the humidity level when beans were planted. Antipodean uses Indonesian’s top speciality roaster, Merdeka Coffee. As cited on their website, “Merdeka Coffee only purchases coffee beans directly from our partners, who are smallholding growers.”

Arlini, who owns the café with husband Alun Evans, assured HighEnd that they really uphold the meticulous steps, Latte art is also something the café embraces, proven in the wonderful presentation of its Flatwhite Coffee and Latte. The smooth roasting process leaves no aftertaste, only engulfing the drinker with fresh aroma.

The menu cooked by the resident chefs aims to satisfy the hunger with generous portions, from its Big Breakfast, All Days Breakfast, Cheese Mushroom Omelette, to Mixed Salad Halloumi Cheese # Couscous.


Note: Article by First-Class Lifestyle HighEnd- August 2014 Edition.