About Us

The cafe experience is one of the central fabrics of life of the European society. From past to present, cafes in Italy, France, Spain, Austria and the former Yugoslavian states have been playing their roles as meeting places for the communities that surround them.

This idea of cafe and cafe life immigrated to Australia and New Zealand after World War II. Many of the immigrants arrived at their new countries only to find that cafe culture (as we know it today) did not exist! Rather than wallowing in despair, the new Aussies and Kiwis set about building a new bred of cafes.

Antipodean Cafe takes its very soul from the cafes that have gone before it, not only in the Antipodes, but also in Europe. The goal is to create a meeting place, a central spot where expatriates and locals can meet, chat, gossip, romance and chill out over a cup of excellent coffee and a plate of good tucker. Other than providing a great cafe experience, we took it upon us to ensure the cafe culture will continue to flourish with the times.

Antipodean Coffee

Antipodean Kopi Limited (Trading as Antipodean Coffee)
Wing On Center 16F
111 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong SAR

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