Edge Solid

Designer Concept KEdge Solid

Standing out of the crowd with an attitude-rich design featuring array of solid colours, edgy metal fixtures and warm wood tone finishing.

What started as an uphill task turned into a strategically managed design, as the designer transformed a highly exposed space into a cosy seating area for the café while ensuring that design elements came together perfectly in reflection of the brand’s identity. First off, the project features solid colours of black, red and orange prominently across the broad. As for materials, the designer has selected metal fixtures, wooden furnishings and laminates, tying up a rustic yet industrial concept.

Modern Cuts

Despite being overwhelmingly covered in rustic and industrial elements, the arrangement as a whole retains a clean and simplistic charm of modern contemporary touches with geometrical designs. The space is without walls or partitions to surround and define the entire space. Instead of relying on the walls, the designer made use of the open concept to create spaciousness in space through visual effects. Together, these elements enhanced the overall design whilst providing a modern twist.

Capturing Culture

In reflection of its brand value, the design aims of capturing the culture aspects of Antipodeans and Europeans. Classically stylish, this design encapsulates elements from French, Swiss, Italian, and other European interior designs, depicted through a modern interpretation. In order to complete the free and easy ambience, warm white lighting is selected to complement the hearty wood tones of large.

Designer Name - Wayne Lew (Design PRincipal) & Cindy Koo (Senior Designer)
Project Location - Atria Shopping Gallery 
Project Type - Cafe & Restaurant 
Site Area - 1,696 sq ft 
Completion Date - 29th May 2015

Note: Article by Designer Concept - Issue 45