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Antipodean Cafe only uses quality coffee beans roasted at our own Cafes by Indonesia's top specialty roaster, Merdeka Coffee. Why is our coffee so good? Because Merdeka Coffee only purchases coffee beans directly from our partners, who are small-holding growers, rather than going through the brokerage system.

Through Merdeka Coffee's network of Antipodean Cafes, we'd served over 2,365,000 million cups as at April this year... mainly to fussy expatriates. We reckon that if our coffee survives the taste buds of our demanding patrons, the coffee must be pretty good!

Below are some of the specialty coffee beans available in our Antipodean cafés:

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Antipodean Coffee

We have a range of single origin Indonesian coffee available - order a cup or buy a fresh retail pack off the shelves.

Our origins include: Java Estate, Java Village, Wamena Irian Jaya, West Papuan Arabica, espresso Blend, Aceh Takengon, Ngobo Estate, Mandehling, Sidikalang, Lintong, Bali Arabica, Flores Arabica... And a few more to boot!

Antipodean also has a cafe (espresso based drinks) menu. Drinks include: Flatwhites, Longblacks, shortblacks, Doppio, ristretto, cappuccino, latte, piccolo latte.... The list is endless. Please don't ask for syrup (flavoured) coffee. That's what our competitors are for!

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