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Big Breakfast ... 26

Fluffy scrambled eggs with artisan toast, homemade hash brown, mushrooms and a choice of bacon or sausage (chicken, pork or beef).

Big Breakfast ... 26

Fluffy scrambled eggs with artisan toast, homemade baked beans, grilled tomato with sumac and a choice of bacon or sausage (chicken, pork or beef).

Eggs Benedict w/ bacon ... 28

Antipodean's famous poached eggs with hollandaise over bacon and baby spinach.

Eggs Marlborough w/ salmon ... 28

Antipodean's famous poached eggs with hollandaise over smoked salmon and baby spinach.

Banana pancake w/ butterscotch ... 22

Thick and fluffy pancakes served with homemade butterscotch and banana.

Coconut pancake w/ Rhubarb cream ... 24

Pancakes made from coconut cream, served warm with rhubarb glaze and whipped cream.

Akaroa Crepes w/ Nutella ... 24

3 folded crepes with Nutella.

Akaroa Crepes Lemon w/Sugar ... 24

3 folded crepes with powdered sugar and lemon wedges to squeeze on top.

Akaroa Crepes w/Caramelized Banana ... 24

3 folded crepes with caramelised banana and whipped cream.

Porridge honey & banana ... 20

Porridge served with a tarragon and cardamom custard and honey and banana.

Scrambled egg salmon on toast ... 26

Stacked artisan toast with fluffy scrambled eggs and freshly sliced smoked salmon.

Scrambled egg on toast w/ feta & spinach ... 22

Artisan toasted bread with fluffy scrambled egg with feta and baby spinach.

French toast w/ berry compote ... 20

Japanese thick bread coated in spices served with berry compote.

French toast w/ caramalised banana & streaky bacon ... 24

Japanese thick bread coated in spices served with caramelised banana and streaky bacon.

French toast w/ bacon & maple syrup ... 26

Japanese thick bread coated in spices served with crispy streaky bacon and maple syrup.

French toast, poached pears w/ streaky bacon ... 24

Japanese thick bread coated in spices served with poached pears and crispy streaky bacon.

French toast Peach ... 24

Japanese thick bread and served with caramelised peaches, mascarpone and chilli flakes.

Avocado on toast w/ grilled tomato & streaky bacon /Haloumi cheese ... 24

Avocado with crispy bacon, Dijon and coriander, grilled tomato and sweet basil served on toast.

Baked beans bacon on toast ... 24

Homemade baked beans on toast with bacon and sour cream and chilli padi.

Croissant /toast w/ butter & jam ... 16/22

Homemade croissant with choice of butter, fruit jam or marmalade.

Rosemary marmalade feta on toast w/ bacon ... 24

Rosemary infused marmalade on artisan toast with feta cheese, bacon and a side salad.

Panfried tomato & mushroom on toast ... 22

Pan fried tomato and mushroom served with pinenuts, feta cheese and basil on toast.

Confritter w/ Streaky Bacon Tomato Pesto ... 26

Kiwi style corn fritters with coriander and mint served with bacon.

Fresh fruits salad w/ yoghurt, honey & mint leaf ... 16

Seasonal fruits served with Australian yoghurt, mint and honey.

Muesli w/ honey, yoghurt & fruit salad ... 26

Homemade muesli with seasonal fruit salad, Australian yoghurt and honey.

Nasi Goreng Big Breakfast ... 28

Stir-fried jasmine rice topped with a fried egg and served with chicken satay, tempe and scrambled eggs.

Open bacon /rocket OR lettuce /tomato on sourdough ... 24

An open bacon/rocket OR lettuce/tomato sandwich served on sourdough with either lettuce or arugula.

Open shredded chicken sandwich ... 24

Heaped grilled shredded chicken on arugula and tomato.

Ploughmans open smoked chicken sandwich w/ beetroot & Roast vege salad ... 30

Sliced smoked chicken on an open sandwich with beetroot & roast vege salad.

Whakatiki Street Chicken Sandwich ... 34

Crumbed and fried chicken fillet in a bun with jalapeno chilli and coleslaw. Served with fries.

Chicken Kofta Kebab w/ golden couscous ... 30

A Middle Eastern minced chicken kebab with golden cous cous and fries.

Lime infused lamb kebab w/ golden couscous ... 30

Kiwi lamb marinated in lime juice w/ golden cous cous.

Sweet paprika chicken w/ chickpeas salad ... 24

Chicken fillet marinated in Spanish paprika served with a chickpea salad.

Grilled chicken w/ tomatoes, green beans & balsamic vinegar ... 26

Healthy option of chicken fillet over steamed beans and grilled tomato with a balsamic vinegar glaze.

Thai chicken satay ... 15

Chicken fillet with coriander and a sweet chilli sauce.

Fish & Chips ... 28

NZ cod, double battered and served with chips and salad.

Double Salmon Fishcake ... 22

Fresh salmon blended with smoked salmon and potato. Served with salad.

Vietnamese Beef noodles (Fried) ... 24

A dry fried beef dish with red chilli served with lime.

Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella Salad w/ tomato basil & walnut ... 28

Buffalo mozzarella salad w/ tomato, basil & walnut, Italian mozzarella served as a caprese.

Mixed salad w/ couscous & haloumi cheese ... (V) 22

Cous cous with mixed salad and Australian haloumi cheese.

Roast vege salad w/ feta cheese ... (V) 24

Oven roasted seasonal root vegetables with onion and feta cheese.

Greek Salad ... (V) 22

Traditional Greek salad, the Antipodean way.

Chickpeas feta w/ coriander ... (V) 22

Chickpea salad with onions, coriander, diced tomato and feta.

Beetroot & nut salad w/balsamic vinegar ... (V) 22

Raw power! A mix of beetroot, carrot and celery with a balsamic vinegar and ginger dressing and topped with our nut and seed mix.

Thai beef salad ... 26

Grilled beef sliced finely served on a bed of lettuce with a Thai sauce.

Tatsu Spicy Nicoise Salad ... 30

Nicoise with a spicy tuna topping.

Burmese shredded chicken salad ... 24

A Myanmar specialty- basil and cabbage topped with shredded chicken and a tangy fish sauce.

Coromandel salad (rocket w/ smoke salmon /smoked chicken figs, tomato, feta & walnut) ... 24

Rocket, cherry tomato, walnut, feta, choice of smoked salmon/smoked chicken.
Image: Coromandel Salad with Smoked Chicken

Smoked salmon & roast veggies & chickpeas salad ... 30

Smoked salmon accompanied with roast veggies and chickpea salad.

Spicy Wamakiriri Grilled Salmon Salad ... 32

Smoked salmon accompanied with roast veggies and chickpea salad.

Bacon & Egg Pie w/ salad tomato relish ... 26

Antipodean's famous bacon and egg pie with tomato relish and side salad.

Pumpkin Soup ... (V) 16

Homemade pumpkin soup with nutmeg and cinnamon served with toast.

Red Soup ... (V) 16

Oven roasted red capsicum, tomato and onion pureed served with mozzarella toast.

Cheese Pizza ... 26

4 cheese pizza.

Margherita Pizza ... 26

Traditional Italian style pizza with tomato, cheese and basil.

Chorizo Pizza ... 30

Cheese and chorizo pizza on a rich tomato base.

Smoked Salmon Pizza ... 30

Sliced smoked salmon with capers, red onions and black olives.

Chicken Parmesan Pizza ... 30

Chicken breast sauteed in parmesan served on a tomato based pizza.

Bill English Pizza ... 30

The former Prime Minister’s Kiwi tradition - spaghetti, pineapple and cheese.

Vegetable Pizza ... (V) 27

Perennial favorite with pine nuts, capsicum, onion and cherry tomato.

Strawberry Fields 4ever ... 36

Smoked salmon pizza, with tomato base, mozzarella and strawberry.

Middle East Pizza ... 36

Artichokes, olives, feta and za'atar.

Blueberry Bagel w/ Berry Mascarpone + Strawberry ... 22

Blueberry bagel with strawberry and mixed berry infused mascarpone - served warm.

Bagel w/ Chorizo Tomato Mozzarella Tomato Pesto ... 28

Open bagel with grilled chorizo, tomato, tomato pesto and mozzarella.

Bagel w/ Fried Egg & Bacon ... 25

Closed bagel stuffed with fried eggs and back bacon.

Bagel w/ Streaky Bacon & Tomato Pesto ... 25

Closed bagel with mesclun, mayonnaise, tomato pesto and bacon.

Pumpkin sage & feta pasta ... (V) 24

Pasta shells with roasted pumpkin, sage, feta cheese and caraway seeds.

Mushroom spinach carbonara w/ feta cheese ... (V) 24

Mushroom spinach carbonara with feta - cheese galore in this vegetarian dish.

Big Al’s pasta spaghetti w/ tomato sauce, olives & capers ... (V) 24

Big Al’s pasta spaghetti w/ tomato sauce, olives & capers - red sauce pasta, with a tangy richness.

Orzo pasta mushroom w/ feta cheese ... (V) 26

Italian orzo with mushroom and feta cheese.

Steven Arriabbiata ... 30

Crispy bacon on top of a spicy red sauced spaghetti.

Lamb & Beef meatballs spaghetti w/ tomato sauce ... 30

Homemade beef and lamb meatballs in a red tomato sauce with spaghetti.

Moroccan Lamb & Beef Meatballs Mozzarella ... 26

Moroccan lamb and beef meatball with mozzarella - homemade meatballs pressed in artisan bread on Whole Meal w/Potato Chips.

3 Cheese Parmesan, Mozzarella, Cheddar ... 26

Mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar melt on Whole Meal w/Potato Chips.

Bacon Mozzarella & Sundried Tomato ... 26

Back bacon pressed with sundried tomato and gooey mozzarella cheese on Whole Meal w/Potato Chips.

Tuna onion Jalapeno ... 26

Line caught tuna with tomato and sweet and spicy jalapeno on Whole Meal w/Potato Chips.

Butterscotch & Ice Cream Waffle ... 24

Sweet orange zest waffle with homemade butterscotch and vanilla ice cream.

Blueberry, Ice Cream & Honey Waffle ... 26

Sweet orange zest waffle with vanilla ice cream and honey.

Chocolate, Yoghurt & Slice Orange Waffle ... 24

Sweet orange zest waffle with Navel orange and chocolate.

Kiwi Fried Egg & bacon w/ tomato sauce Waffle ... 26

Fried eggs, bacon and tomato sauce on a savoury waffle.

Salmon, cream cheese, chives & lemon Waffle ... 26

Sliced smoked salmon, cream cheese, chives and lemon on a savoury waffle.

Avocado, lime, chopped chili, tomato & coriander Waffle ... 26

Popular savoury waffle with avocado, lime, tomato, coriander and chilli padi.

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